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Slendertone Reviews

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Welcome to  It came to my attention that there was a lot of hype around slendertone which can make it difficult to find out the truth.

I decided to collect as many user written reviews from all over the web and put them into one handy spot for your reading.

The reviews are mostly good but there are some bad ones too, you can make up your own mind.

Any questions,  leave me a comment at the end of this page and I will try my best to answer.

One last tip (before you start reading)

The slendertone does not use water based gels like a lot of the other ab devices on the market.  They use sticky gel pads. However after 4 to 6 weeks the pads normally need replacing.  This is quite a concern for lots of buyers because the kit in the first place is quite expensive, you don’t want to constantly pay a tenner every 4 weeks just to keep the thing going.

There is a very simple and effective way round. The stickiness goes after a few weeks. This is due to dead skin, oils, sweat, fluff etc. Most people will choose to buy a replacement set. Instead just get some rubbing alcohol or even aftershave would do on a cotton tip or cotton wool ball and gently rub the gel patch. This will remove oils etc and render the patch sticky again and you can do this perpetually as long as the patches are not damaged. On my older slendertone device I’m still using the gel patches which I bought in 1992! Just clean it properly with rubbing alcohol or aftershave and you can save a tonne of money ;-)

Slendertone Reviews

Takes a little getting used to but a great product

A friend bought this a while back and I had a go and was pretty impressed, although I did doubt if it was worth the money. I finally bought one about 2 or 3 weeks ago and have been using it daily since. It’s perfectly comfortable to wear and does enable you to do other things whilst using it.

I’m a student and I often use it in the evenings whilst doing work. I even wore it the other day whilst I went to the corner shop to get some milk, it’s not at all noticeable under a coat, although if you have it on a high setting you might get some odd looks when you tense up every 4-5 seconds!

Positioning is a bit hit and miss, if you have it over your ribs or hip bones you get a tingling all along them, which isn’t particularly uncomfortable but means it’s not doing what it’s supposed to. However I turn it on to around 25-30 and then pause it and re-adjust and have no further problems.

As for results, I’ve only been using it as I say about 2-3 weeks but there’s definitely some improvement. My abs are getting more defined and as a rock climber it has helped to build up core strength.

The battery is good for about 3 or 4 half hour sessions before recharging. The adapter between the unit and plug for recharging looks like it will break if you’re too rough with it but so far I’ve had no problems.

Top Notch But Doesn’t Work Alone

I bought this belt after some deliberation and thoroughly recommend it.
Instructions, setup etc all very easy and simple to use.

Having done about 100 sit ups per day i was struggling to get the perfect toned abs, ok my stomach was flat but that extra definition wouldn’t come. That is until I bought the slendertone system.

Within a week I’ve got that extra toning, situps are even easier than before with increased strength. I continue to use it to further strengthen and fully define my six pack.

The important thing here is the slendertone system is not the one solution, six packs/toned stomachs require a balanced diet and exercise to supplement the belt. As well as using the belt i continue to do 50-100 sit ups daily and it is the combination of both these factors that means I have got the extra definition.

Worth the money for definite and an excellent investment.

Gives an intense workout

This gives an intense workout. The only downside is that if you are quite hariy then the pads collect hair and loose their stickiness relatively quickly.

Not as powerful as expected – slimmer but no 6 pack

Have used something similar years ago for my legs when I was training so now that I have a few beers and don’t do sit ups I thought this would be be a good, simple way of getting rid of some flab.
Initially tried it on fairly low settings and it was a complete waste of time. Once I put it up to 99 (highest setting) started to really feel it but again after not too many days wanted a higher setting. I am now on the maximum program and power for an hour or more a day but really want more power.
So did it work? After about a month I had lost an inch or more of flab and have some muscle back (now at a 29″ waist and am back to being loose in my trousers. So I guess it works but don’t expect to look like the new James Bond unless you cut out the beer and do some other exercise.
Pads – was a bit concerned about these, but they seem to last quite well (2nd set in 4 months), I find if you are walking around then I can just keep the pads positioned for maximum effect by just holding the belt slightly.
Charging the thing up is not a problem, all works fine.
Only complaint – want more power so I could use it for a shorter time.

Dubious at present but open minded

I have been asked to do a review possibly too soon after buying. I never expected instant results as I was overweight when I bought it and it dosen’t sell itself on being able to lose weight anyway.

That said it is a very good quality product. I certainly gives quite a “kick” when set to high levels and I suspect it will work as soon as I get past the flab and hit the muscle.

Slendertone system abs

Great product, you can really feel it working especially on the higher levels. For best results incorporate into a training programme that ideally includes CV work, otherwise you will develop great abs but they will be invisible behind a layer of flab.

I have been using this for 4 weeks now and can definately see the results.

slendertone abs system

This is an excellent product with full and clear instructions. Delivery was slow, taking four and a half weeks, in which time i ordered two items from China approximately ten and twenty days after this order, both of which arrived before my abs system, though on website it was stated it would take up to four weeks.

Brilliant product, a tad on the expensive side.

When buying this slendertone system i was curious whether it would actually work or not, all the reviews said it was fantastic, but i had my doubts. When it arrived i immediatly started using it, using it for 30 mins/1 hour everyday for 6 days a week, i have already noticed a huge difference in the space of only two weeks, the sensation takes a bit of getting used to but i stuck with it! im very impressed with it! 10 out of 10!

fat belly review

excellent service and excellent product at the best price found anywhere…thanks very much will do business with again. And now my belly is getting firmer!

Firms the abs!

I was sceptical before purchasing this product, and was unsure about buying it. However since using it, you can definitely feel the difference. After a few sessions with the belt my abs felt alot firmer. It is a handy gadget as after getting back from the gym, I can sit infront of the tv or computer and continue to work the abs, with minimal effort. Would recommend the product to anyone. P.S Program No.6 is the best.

Slendertone System-Abs Abdominal Toning Belt – Male with Controller

An excellent product.
I prefer the detachable rechargable free hand control to it being part of the belt. Control is much easier

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  1. Could not get the promotional offer and slendertone not aware of it

    carol wheeler

    14 Sep 10 at 10:47 am

  2. I have now used my slendertone flex max male for 6 weeks and now want to write my review everywhere. Now the main things you want to know are. …….
    1. Does it give you a perfect 6 pack like you see on the box, answer NO ! However it does give you definition and I do believe if I kept using it for another 12 weeks it would nearly be there like the box.
    2. Does it make your ABS strong, answer YES ! I have used it every day expect Saturday and Sunday as I have read you should have two rest days from it a week. My ABS do feel stronger and they soiled on the sides.
    3. Does it hurt, answer NO it tingles a bit and sometimes feels odd, however it does not hurt it only feels like the workout pain you get from sit ups.
    4. How often do the pads need replacing, Answer not that often if you use it every day I believe once a month should do it. ( Pad are cheaper on EBAY and in BOOTS stores )
    I hope that helps, I do not regret buying it at all; I do think the product is amazing and will work but not in 6 weeks. If you are a fit person I would definitely say buy the strongest pro max whatever its called, because I can already hit my top intense thing on my pro max.

    Paul D

    20 Dec 10 at 7:51 pm

  3. I have been using the slendertone gym body plus product for about a week now and would you believe against all odds i am already seeing results!!! After quitting an active job i found myself getting a little on the tubby side and putting on 2 dress sizes resulting in me feeling under confident and hating myself. Slendertone does not make you loose weight so please don’t be fooled and its not a quick fix. To get the results i’ve got i’ve followed the instructions to leave 6 hours in between uses but i’m using the belt on the high setting for the 40 minute program 2 times a day if i can. The pack says to get results use 5 times a week and in 4-5 weeks you’ll see results but me being me i ignored that and want fast results. if my abs are feeling tired ill give one session a miss.

    the point is its not a miracle product but it does tone your abs. already i feel much more confident about myself and feel that this is one of the best investments i’ve made in a long time. to get the results you do need to use the product alot but not too close together because you’ll cause yourself problems and you need a high setting. only then will you get the toned ab results. i cant wait to see what ill look like in 4 more weeks now!!!


    11 Feb 11 at 2:18 pm

  4. Hi Carol,

    Sorry for the late reply, I get a lot of spam comments on this blog (over 2,000 and counting) so its hard to find genuine comments like yours, only just found it. Thanks for the heads up, I checkd and supposedly the code is only working for the ‘slendertone active’ and the ‘slendertone BT’.

    I shall contact slendertone to double check and make sure to take down the offer if it is indeed down.


    24 Feb 11 at 4:44 pm

  5. Oh i’d like to add just 1 more thing. be careful where you purchase yours from. I got my slendertone system abs from a site on e bay, the item came from the uk, It arrived, and i gave it a charge, but when i connected the charger i had an ‘ERR’ message come up. i notified the seller who said he would exchange it, it was from his badly written english e mail that i became suspicious. I contacted Slendertone, told them the problem i had with the unit, they asked for the serial number , and i was told it was ‘not genuine’ I returned it for a full refund and purchased 1 straight from Slendertone. So beware !

    dave shattock

    1 Nov 11 at 4:03 pm

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